iSecure Password and Picture Vault is the most secure way to store your Contacts, Login Passwords, Credit Cards, Pictures and much more.
Highly secure with all info encrypted. Multi User. Simple to use proprietary login process. 30 Million possible login combinations.
Create Vaults for different data sets like multiple Businesses. The only application that provides multiple user and multiple vault features.
25 included category templates for quick entry, and create your own.
Information displayed in card form. Attached images, notes and other items.
Feature rich with functionality that streamlines operation.
Create events, notes and appointments that are hidden and encrypted.
Encrypt and store those personal pictures by category the same way your information is.

    iSecure is The Best Password Manager for iPhones

    Password Manager reviews rate iSecure highly for its range of features and ease of use. iSecure encrypts your passwords and card details, personal information and pictures using Department of Defense standard AES encryption AES256. Your important information including Passwords, Access Codes, Contacts, Reminders, and Pictures, are all encrypted and iSecure "really protects and secures" your valuable personal information, all in one beautifully constructed application.

    Did you know that..... Installing what you think is a harmless Game or Free App, might in fact harbor a Trojan that quietly accesses your Contacts and Passwords, and sends thank information that off to a Remote Server ? A hackers dream....

    Storing your personal information in a password manager, sometimes called a password safe or password keeper, such as Contacts, Passwords, Bank details, personal photos and alike within iSecure ensures that only you have access to this information which is Encrypted, rather than your information being stored in the iPhone Contacts section which is accessible by any piece of software and easy for hacker to see by a bluetooth connection.

    With all of your information, including pictures, encrypted using Department of Defense sanctioned AES encryption AES256 algorithm, iSecure wraps around your information so you can rest assured that if you lose your iPhone or iPod your information remains secure. In the event of loss, you can also choose to have all data automatically deleted if an intruder attempts to sign in to your iSecure application more than a set number of times. How’s that for secure !
    iSecure is not a free password manager, but at this crazy low price with all these great features included it might as well be free.

    Store your medical records, plane bookings, car and drive details, and a whole lot more, including your personal pictures. Our proprietary patent pending logon TouchID™  system makes it simple for you to sign in to iSecure not having to remember complex passwords, whilst still ensuring the utmost security.

     Do you have Information for several people or businesses to store confidentially ?
     Do you require instant and secure access to important information ?
     Do you have Pictures you would like to encrypt and keep private ?

    iSecure is the only application that enables you to create Multiple Users, layered down to Multiple Vaults, then Categories, then Folders within the categories, and finally Cards within folders. Enabling you to store information and pictures securely and privately. Giving you tremendous flexibility for keeping information tidy and sorted.

    But how do you find and display information quickly that you regularly access? Simple !  Just set that information as a “Favorite” and when you log on, go to Favorites, tap, and there it is. Fast and simple.

    download iSecure

    iSecure is available today on the iTunes App Store

    for the low price of   $4.99

    It's called iSecure, and it's the best password manager, you'll want to think of it as your personal private locked password manager and diary.

    o File encryption using AES256 Department of Defense sanctioned Encryption on Data and Pictures
    o Patent Pending IDTouch for very secure yet convenient
    o The most flexible structure of account groups available, also supporting Multiples Users
    o Unlimited number of Vaults, Categories, Folders, Cards, and Templates to store your information
    o Complimentary 25 Templates and more coming
    o Many Category Icons to choose from
    o Many Backgrounds and Card images to choose from
    o Even Import your iPhone Contacts into iSecure for safe encrypted storage
    o Auto Dial from phone numbers
    o Auto Browse to web page URL’s
    o Auto Email and SMS from contact details
    o Add Dates to internal Events Calendar and Reminders, and built in Notes taker
    o Save Pictures Encrypted, many, against any of the Cards. All images are Titled for easy access
    o Dynamic Search for fast locating of information
    o Favorites list for Information you need instantly
    o Note taking for each Card with auto date function
    o Self Destruct Mode (On/Off and Times) adds theft and hacking protection to your data
    o Backup to Email, or our complimentary Server. Remember you data is encrypted with iSecure
    o Overall a thoughtful design for ease-of-use and flexibility, with a commitment to enhance
    o NEW - Dedicated Encrypted Picture Vault Categories you can create.
    o ….. and a whole lot more.

    News and New Features
    July 9 2013 Version 2.4.8
    Added a Dedicated Image Capture and Store Feature
    You can already save multiple images to any Card. Images are encrypted.
    We have now added the ability to Capture and Import images as a dedicated feature. These images can then be added to a Category such as Bills, ToDo, Documents or whatever you like. You can add additional categories as you desire. This feature is available after logging in and selecting your Vault.

    In the bottom toolbar you will see an icon that says Pictures. Images are listed and can be sorted by Date, Category, Description.
    Added an Image List View to the Cards section
    When viewing a Card, you can now quickly see if there are any images attached to the card, and select them for viewing from the main screen without having to enter the card.